My philosophy toward courses is geared towards familiarizing participants with current, international research. My goal is to help participants develop the analytical skills that are necessary to succeed in a dynamic and complex world. Demonstrating the relevance of theoretical research to practice can help establish evidence-based policymaking and management approaches in the public sector.

Aarhus University (Denmark)

Master (Political Science)

  • Management and Leadership in the Healthcare Sector
  • Leadership and Motivation in Public Organizations

Zeppelin University (Germany)

Master (Politics, Administration, International Relations)

  • Governance and Controlling of Public Organizations
  • HRM and Leadership in the Public Sector
  • Public Administration

Bachelor (Politics, Administration, International Relations)

  • Advanced Research Seminar: Recruitment in the Digital Age
  • Comparative Public Management
  • Governance of Public Organizations
  • Organization Theories
  • Public Administration
  • Public Corporate Governance
  • Public Management