My research focuses broadly on public administration, policy, and human resource management in the public sector. I am particularly interested in understanding the recruitment, selection, and retention as well as motivation and remuneration of public employees. Further, I study the implementation of digital tools such as artificial intelligence in public sector organizations. In addition, I am interested in field experiments and behavioral research in public policy and administration.

My research has been published in various academic journals including the Journal for Public Administration Research and Theory, Public Administration Review, Public Management Review, Behavioural Public Policy, and others. It has also been cited in policy documents (e.g., Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, OECD, World Bank, Danish Government Commission on Healthcare) and highlighted in both German and Danish media outlets including prime time TV news (e.g., ARD, ZDF) and national newspapers (e.g., Sueddeutsche, Zeit, Jyllands-Posten).

Selected publications

  • Jilke, S., Keppeler, F., Ternovski, J., Vogel, D., & Yoeli, E. (2023). Policy Makers Believe Money Motivates More Than It Does, Working Paper. [Download free preprint]
  • Jakobsen, M., Løkke, A.-K., & Keppeler, F. (2023). Facing the Human Capital Crisis: A Systematic Review and Research Agenda on Recruitment and Selection in the Public Sector. Public Administration Review, [Download open access] 
  • Keppeler, F. (2023): No Thanks, Dear AI! Understanding the Effects of Disclosure and Deployment of Artificial Intelligence in Public Sector Recruitment, in Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, [Download free preprint]
  • Keppeler, F., & Papenfuß, U. (2022): Employer Value Propositions for Different Target Groups and Organizational Types in the Public Sector: Theory and Evidence from Field Experiments, in Review of Public Personnel Administration. [Download free postprint]
  • Keppeler, F., Sievert, M., & Jilke, S. (2022): How Local Government Vaccination Campaigns Can Increase Intention to Get Vaccinated Against Covid-19: A Field Experiment on Psychological Ownership, in Behavioural Public Policy. [Download open access]
  • Schwoerer, K., Keppeler, F., Mussagulova, A., & Puello, S. (2022): CO-DESIGN-ing a More Context-Based, Pluralistic, and Participatory Future for Public Administration, in Public Administration, 100 (1), 72-97. [Download open access]