My research focuses broadly on public administration, policy, and human resource management in the public sector. I am particularly interested in understanding the recruitment and retention as well as motivation and remuneration of public employees. Further, I study the implementation of digital tools such as artificial intelligence in public sector organizations. In addition, I am interested in field experiments and behavioral research in public policy and administration.

Selected publications

  • Keppeler, F. (2023): No Thanks, Dear AI! Understanding the Effects of Disclosure and Deployment of Artificial Intelligence in Public Sector Recruitment, in Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, forthcoming. [Download free preprint]
  • Keppeler, F./Papenfuß, U. (2022): Employer Value Propositions for Different Target Groups and Organizational Types in the Public Sector: Theory and Evidence from Field Experiments, in Review of Public Personnel Administration. [Download free postprint]
  • Keppeler, F./Sievert, M./Jilke, S. (2022): How Local Government Vaccination Campaigns Can Increase Intention to Get Vaccinated Against Covid-19: A Field Experiment on Psychological Ownership, in Behavioural Public Policy. [Download open access]
  • Schwoerer, K./Keppeler, F./Mussagulova, A./Puello, S. (2022): CO-DESIGN-ing a More Context-Based, Pluralistic, and Participatory Future for Public Administration, in Public Administration, 100 (1), 72-97. [Download open access]
  • Keppeler, F./Papenfuß, U. (2021): Understanding Vertical Pay Dispersion in the Public Sector: The Role of Publicness for Manager-to-Worker Pay Ratios and Interdisciplinary Agenda for Future Research, in Public Management Review, 24 (11), 1846-1871. [Download free postprint]